Our Fountains

our fountains

Chocolush uses Sephra brand chocolate fountains imported directly from the US, the world’s largest supplier of commercial chocolate fountains. The machines are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and sanitized before each function, ensuring that the upmost hygiene is maintained. The machines are also regularly serviced and maintained to ensure reliability.

Some of the main advantages of our machines include

Adjustable legs

Our machines have 4 adjustable legs which allows us to adjust the machine if the table or floor is not level. This ensures that the flow of chocolate is even and there are no gaps.

Large capacity

We have the largest available machines on the market that can hold up to 10kg of chocolate, so no matter how many guests you are having, we can cater to your needs.

Stainless steel body

This makes for an attractive appearance with contemporary design and ensures cleanliness and hygiene.

Safe to use

Our fountains do not heat up on the edges like some of the other fountains on the market. This ensures that the machines are safe to use around children.

Easy to use

We set up the machine and fill it up with the chocolate. We also adjust the settings to ensure the machines do not burn the chocolate and that the chocolate flows smoothly. All you need to do is dip in and enjoy!

The chocolate waterfall

70cm tall by 37cm wide, it has 4 tiers, and can hold 5kg of chocolate.

The tower

110cm tall by 46cm wide, it has 5 tiers and can hold up to 10kg of chocolate.