Who sets up the fountain and cleans it?

A member of our team will deliver and set up your fountain. It will take approximately 30 minutes for our team member to set up the fountain. Upon pick up, we will give the fountain a quick clean and dismantle it and take it back to our premises for a proper clean and sterilization.

Who operates the fountain?

The fountain is very easy to use and any guests of any age can use the machine. We adjust the settings on the machine so all you need to do is dip in and enjoy. If you would like an operator to serve guests we can organise someone for $25 per hour.

Can the fountain be set up outdoors?

Yes, the fountain can be set up outdoors. However, if you do wish to set up outdoors we recommend that the area is sheltered or you use a clear Perspex cover, which we hire out to prevent against wind, dust and insects.

What can be dipped in the fountain?

Anything can be dipped in the fountain that won’t break up or crumble or wont melt into the chocolate.

Can we add our own chocolate to the fountain?

We don’t recommend it unless you have a high grade Belgian chocolate because normal chocolate such as Cadbury wont flow through the fountain properly without adding coco butter. This will cause the fountain to get blocked and you could damage the machine and be liable.

Can we keep any remaining chocolate left at the end of the night?

Yes, if you have a container to put it in we are happy to help get it into the container for you.

What type of chocolate do you use?

We use Callebaut chocolate, the highest grade Belgian couverture chocolate. This selection ensures that not only is the taste delicious, but also that the consistency of the chocolate is smooth so you get a flawless flowing fountain.

Is there anything we need to provide?

A standard 240V power point and a sturdy table. If you would like to hire a table, please let us know.